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The project logo Ross Road Substandard Street

The project logo Ross Road Substandard Street

The City of Austin needs your help identifying mobility and safety improvements for Ross Road between SH 71 and Heine Farm Road.  The project is part of the 2016 Mobility Bond, which includes $11 million for substandard street/capital renewal.

The input you provide will help shape recommended improvements along Ross Road to be included in a preliminary engineering report. Once recommendations are drafted later this year, we will come back to the community for your feedback before they are finalized.

*Para tomar la encuesta en línea en español, haga clic en el menú desplegable en la esquina superior derecha y seleccione "Spanish." La encuesta se traducirá automáticamente al español por Google Translate.

How do you use Ross Road (select all that apply)?
I work along the road
I live along the road
My children or I go to school along the road
I commute along the road
Closed to responses
What mode of transportation do you use along Ross Road (select all that apply)?
Drive a personal vehicle
Closed to responses
How many days per week do you travel along Ross Road?
Less than one day per week
Closed to responses
The study will include several ideas for improvements to Ross Road, some of which are listed below. Please select three options that are the most important to you.
Creating a safe and more supportive environment for cycling
Creating a safe and more supportive environment for pedestrians
Increasing access for business
Improving drainage issues along the road
Improving accessibility to and from the neighborhoods
Closed to responses
Please share additional comments here
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